I Will Never Ride a Greyhound Bus Again ***UPDATED***

***UPDATE*** Shortly after posting this blog Greyhound actually contacted me on Twitter and looked into the situation. They were incredibly helpful and on top of everything, offering us both apologies and vouchers for the trip. While I still did not enjoy the ride that we took and it doesn’t change anything that happened, I am open to second chances ESPECIALLY for companies with excellent customer service that are proactive enough to seek out users.


I was so excited. Don’t ask me why, but going on a trip on a bus has been a huge travel goal for me. Something about driving along on a freeway and seeing the landscape change from state to state or even county to county is really fun to me. Being able to do it without being crushed in a compact car between everyone’s luggage and empty takeout bags always seemed like it would be thrilling.

It was thrilling, but more so in the ‘Oh my God I think someone is going to actually kill someone’ kind of way and less so in the way that getting to the top of the hill on the Millennium Force is thrilling.

Maybe this is a one in million kind of thing to happen, but so was eating those fish sticks and puking when I was a kid. Just like I haven’t eaten fish sticks since that happened, I probably won’t take a Greyhound again.

When we first got to the station I was pretty excited. I was going to New York with my boyfriend and our best friend. We’ve been friends for going on ten years and this was the first time that the three of us had ever traveled together, and on top of that it was going to be all of our first times going to New York City. The people at the bus station were really helpful and kind when Taylor (best friend) and I wandered to the help desk after being thoroughly confused. The problems didn’t start until we actually got on the bus.

The bus itself was fine. All of our outlets worked, the wifi was mediocre but public, free wifi always is and that’s what big data plans are for anyway. It was roomier than economy seats on planes and really what more can you ask for?

Maybe I shouldn’t fault Greyhound for the people on the bus that ruined the experience for me, but I feel like the bus driver definitely could have handled situations better. There was a family, a very large family, all traveling together and at every stop the driver was screaming at them about their luggage, making them play musical chairs around the bus. My boyfriend sat on nearly every seat and next to every member of this family. The bus driver would scream at them, other passengers were screaming at them. The family wasn’t completely innocent as one of the members spent the entire time (9 hours starting at 2:30am) on his cellphone. He and the driver had a huge blowout, swearing and all. At 6am with almost no sleep this was the most unpleasant thing ever. It was frightening and uncomfortable as we still had several hours of driving together left.

I woke up at one point with the cellphone member’s foot on my arm, and then again when his arms flew forward and hit me from around my seat. It wasn’t what I expected and maybe that’s my own fault. All I know is we paid around 4 times less for the Megabus home and it was roomier, the people were kinder, and the bus drivers were much more polite.

I would love to know if this is a random scenario or if anyone else has experienced something like this. I know it’s my fault for going in with high hopes, and it definitely could have been far worse. Saying I’ll never take a Greyhound again is probably a stretch, but given that Megabus is cheaper and my experience with them was far more satisfactory, I would say that the chances are very slim.




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