Cedar Point is a Huge Ripoff

If you’d asked me last year I totally would have sang the praises of Cedar Point. We had season passes and came almost every single week. Somehow we lucked out and managed to come on days that we didn’t have to wait too long in line.

Today as I wait in line for the second ride of the day after having been at the park for nearly 4 hours I feel completely different. I got mine and my boyfriend’s tickets on a buy one get one free deal. So that was cool. We packed lunches to save money and bought one of the cups for the free refills.

And here is where the scam begins. You buy this cup to supposedly save you money but wait!! Almost none of the rides have bins anymore. So you now have to pay to put that drink in a locker or just risk hiding it somewhere.

Okay now you’re in line. You don’t have your drink and it’s almost 90 degrees. Fear not!!! For $4.00 you can buy a bottle of water. That $11 cup isn’t allowed and you can bet the farm you’ll be forced to toss that $4.00 drink out too if you don’t finish it in your 2 hour line.

The majority of the wait times far surpass an hour. So let’s just splurge and buy the fast passes? Nope. $105.00. So enjoy spending your entire day in multiple hour lines. Will you get to ride everything you want? Probably not.

People will disagree and probably fight with me on this, but based on my experience so far Cedar Point is not worth the $67.00 a ticket. And it sure as hell isn’t worth the money you could spend on all the additional fast lane; you’re a sucker if you do, and we have done it in the past.

If you’re coming from out of town or have never been here before than it’s worth it. But if you live local enough to come frequently you’re probably getting scammed.

The worst part is in the time it took me to write this I’m still not even halfway to the front of the line for.
***As a disclaimer my day started off watching the same woman pass out twice in line for Valraven and both times it took an absurd amount of time for a staff member to appear and the first time they let her stay in line. This is probably the worst time I’ve had here. Prices are jacked through the roof and they stuff too many people into the park. I can honestly say I’ll probably be back because Ohio doesn’t have much else to offer that Cedar Fair doesn’t own. But I needed to rant to someone besides my family.

*** Edited 8.20.16 – Minor spelling errors ***

*** Edited 8.20.16 – Walking around the park made me aware of the fact that if you do not buy the Fast lane passes ahead of time, the park charges you up to $150.00 to buy them the day of. There are two passes available, but the price I gave and the $150.00 price reflects the top tier of the Fast Lane passes that allow you to ride ALL of the coasters, including the newer ones. ***


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